Hi, I’m Nathan.

Thanks for visiting my personal blog. I write mostly about travel, personal development, and languages and culture. My current themes are entrepreneurship and building an anti-fragile lifestyle.

My main influences are Kekich’s Credo, Principles by Ray Dalio and the writing of James Altucher.

I’ve traveled to several countries and continents, and am always yearning to visit even more of the world during this short time we have on earth. My greatest passions are travel, culture and language.

Some things I like are:

Travel, languages, culture, gardening, permaculture, natural building, decentralization, crypto-currency, technology, history, strategy, Gummi Bears (Disney show), elves, hobbits, ents and tea.

I’m always interested in connecting with people with similar interests and values, so if you’d like to discuss any or all of the above, please drop me a note. (My email is available on my Github page, which isn’t hard to find, or just connect with me via any social media channel.)