Spanish learning resources

I wrote this a couple of years back. Some of the information (esp. chronological) no longer applies. -2012Jan02

El idioma español seems to be gaining quite a bit of popularity (at least within my social circle) nowadays. These are the resources I have used to learn Spanish:

Coffee Break Spanish – An intended-to-be-weekly free podcast from Scotland. Instructor Mark is an experienced Spanish teacher, and Kara is a student that learns along with the listeners.

Spanish Verb Conjugator at – Type in a Spanish infinitive and this spits out a handy conjugation table, which includes subjunctive mood. The site actually has more than just the conjugator.

Yahoo Babel Fish Translation – Useful tool for translating a word/phrase. I don’t recommend this for whole sentences/paragraphs.

Spanish for Gringos Level 2 by William C. Harvey M.S. – This is the best Spanish learning book I have picked up, hands down. The book is chock full of adjectives/nouns. Also includes quite a few infinitives and more advanced conjugations, as well as a bit on the subjunctive mood.
ISBN: 978-0812097436 Spanish for Gringos Level 2 by William C. Harvey M.S.

Rosetta Stone Version 3 – Latin American Spanish
This is actually the least used yet most expensive resource I’ve listed. Just never used this that much, I felt it was a bit slow. But would probably be great for people with a bit of either patience or time.

Univisión, Galavisión
These are the 2 Spanish-language TV channels I get. I mainly watch “Al Diablo con los Guapos”, “Fuego en la Sangre” (both telenovelas – like Spanish soap operas) y las noticias (the news).

Mägo de Oz – A Celtic folk-rock band from Madrid. Going to the band’s website ( and looking up song lyrics has helped expand my vocabulary.

people – My friends from Latin America have helped me to learn a lot over the months. This is probably the best resource I’ve had, truth be told.