Here’s why Bitcoin will change the world…

As I’ve said before, a lot of people a lot smarter than me could explain Bitcoin a lot better than me… so I’ll leave it up to them.

Both of these videos feature Andreas Antonopoulos, a network and security professional and major Bitcoin evangelist.

Watch This First

The first clip is Andreas speaking at the Milwaukee Bitcoin meetup a couple of weeks ago. You can start watching at 47 minutes and 15 seconds (the link should take you there).

Edit: Ok, I can’t figure out how to the get damn player to start at exactly 47:15, so if it doesn’t take you there, just fast-forward to 47 minutes in.

I have also extracted the audio for anyone interested in just listening to it, which you can get here (trimmed to only include Andrea’s talk):

Watch This Second

Now that you’ve drunk some of the kool-aid, you’re ready for the second round. This one is more intense, and more exciting. You’ll be wanting to pour (fiat) money into Bitcoin after watching this one. This interview discusses the recent failure of a Bitcoin exchange known as MtGox, infamous for their incompetence.

It’s an hour and a half, and I suggest you watch the entire thing. It’s worth it, I promise.