An Abundance of Peaches
An Abundance of Peaches

Today I had 11 dollars to spend @ the Farmer’s Market. It was the perfect amount, because I planned to spend $7 on a 1/4 peck of peaches, and the remaining $4 on tomatoes. I was so grateful that I had exactly the right amount to purchase my peaches and tomatoes (black cherry and sungold, my favorites!).

Well, not only did I have enough, but my peach guy threw in some extras and gave me a $2 discount. (Yeah, I have a guy, for peaches.) Two whole dollars! I was then so grateful because I not only had an extra dollar to tip him (he’s a good peach guy), but I also had an extra dollar to tip one of the wonderful groups entertaining the market with their music.

It really did feel like I was having the most wonderful morning. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was walking around. And even though people were crowding around me, and it was harder to walk through the throng, it was ok. I felt more peaceful, because of the gratitude. Because it’s hard to feel both anger and gratitude at the same time.

photo credit: Liz West – peaches