Where Apple Went Wrong…

A useless piece of junk

People don’t give a shit about things like a “Touch Bar” with emojis and the ability to pay for stuff via ApplePay. People don’t care about ApplePay, or about “eliminating cash”. And, although governments want to eliminate cash for other reasons, Apple is not the entity which is going to do so.

You know what people want?

Good hardware and software that works well.

Honestly, I don’t even think anybody cares whether their laptop is 0.005 inches thinner or 4 ounces lighter, but the ability to have 32 or 64 GB RAM is fucking huge. HUGE, I say.

Also, people don’t really like the fact that new Macbooks aren’t upgradable at all because the RAM is soldiered to the fucking logic board. That really pissed people off, Tim. I have a feeling that you’ll be remember as the guy who ran Apple into the ground. Then again, you’re also gonna be remembered as the guy who took over after the legendary Steve Jobs passed, so that will probably over-shadow any of your other accomplishments anyway.

People want hardware they can upgrade. The ability to add and replace memory modules, the ability to remove and replace hard drives (such as when they inevitably fail).

Nobody wants a fucking touch bar over the ability to have, say, 32 GB ram on their laptop. Great going, Tim, you useless wanker.

The one thing Apple had going for them is that they made the absolute best fucking computers on the planet. And now you’ve gone a screwed that up with your expensive garbage that’s literally tainted hardware. I’d pay money to NOT have a Touch Bar and to be able to upgrade my fucking Macbook without having to… buy another new fucking Macbook.

Here’s another hint: people don’t like proprietary, because it takes away choice. Nobody wants your fucking useless touch bar, or ApplePay. Or your walled-garden of an App Store. In fact, why not let the people decide, via decentralised reputation system (this is coming in the future, BTW), how to rank/rate apps and let them decide whether or not an app is “allowed” on their own device? Oh yeah, because you can’t. It’s in your nature to want full control over everything everywhere, always.

Honestly, the only way to save Apple from its inevitable demise (timeline: about 10 years or so) is to start making solid fucking hardware that people can use and upgrade, and drop the proprietary bullshit (e.g. Touch Bar) that nobody outside of Cupertino even fucking wants. And for God’s sake, don’t soldier the memory modules to the fucking logic board.