Arabic Challenge Results

Well, my first Arabic conversation wasn’t a very long one, but it happened.

Here’s the result:

Basically, I’m saying to him, “Excuse me, do you speak Arabic?” to which he playfully responds, “No!”, and we both get a laugh out of it. There’s some more talk (in English), and a LOT of background noise too. The first 9 seconds covers the entire conversation. That’s it!

This was a fun challenge, and I’m glad I did it. I now have some working knowledge of the language and a (solid?) base from which to continue my Arabic learning.

I really wish I’d invested more time re-learning some lessons over again. I did this with lessons 1-4, but then time just got away from me. I also would have broken it up into 2 – 3 study times per day, e.g. morning, noon/early afternoon, and evening. I believe this would have helped my recall.I intentionally didn’t take notes, which would have helped also, but could have become a crutch.

Still can’t recommend highly-enough going with Pimsleur audio courses, especially to get up on a language fast. No, they don’t pay me, and I don’t have any affiliate links to any of their products. They’re just that effective, as long as you put in the work. (Of course you have do to that – you didn’t expect a magic bullet, did you?)

While I’m on the subject, I’m referring to the older-style Pimsleur courses, just the audio only. Not the new Pimsleur interactive software crap — that’s just them trying to copy Rosetta Stone. Oh yeah, don’t buy the Rosetta Stone software. It’s a waste of money, you get very little value for the cost of the software. I bought it once when learning Spanish. Never again.

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