AWS DevOps Pro – Practice Exam Take 1 (Failed)

Just failed an AWS practice exam for the first time!

I currently hold all 3 associate certifications and am going for the DevOps Pro certification next.

Was actually a bit surprised! Fortunately the parts that I failed are the parts that I really don’t care about and will never use (ElasticBeanstalk and OpsWorks). Unfortunately, we’re still tested on those bits and I’ll have to study up. Since I got a 60% overall score, I really think I could have got a “pass” if I’d gotten just one or two more answers correct.

The exam scores 4 different domains, and my respective scores in each domain are:

Domain 1. 36% (Continuous Delivery and Process Automation – failed this one)
Domain 2. 75% (Monitoring, Metrics, and Logging)
Domain 3. 100% (Security, Governance, and Validation)
Domain 4. 100% (High Availability and Elasticity)

Fortunately, to help me study what I did wrong, I took screen shots of the questions and my answers so I can review those later.

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