AWS DevOps Pro – Practice Exam Passed

Last night I spent a couple hours reviewing my previous exam answers and writing down what I would have done differently and why. I also played around with OpsWorks and ElasticBeanstalk a bit yesterday so that I could better understand those technologies… and then took the exam again this morning.

I passed this time, and here are my new results:

Domain 1. 72% (Continuous Delivery and Process Automation – passed this time, and the only change)
Domain 2. 75% (Monitoring, Metrics, and Logging)
Domain 3. 100% (Security, Governance, and Validation)
Domain 4. 100% (High Availability and Elasticity)

Overall: 80%

I got the exact same score for every domain except the first, so I’m still doing something wrong on domain 2, but not sure why. I reviewed every answer last night, so no question was left un-looked-at. Nevertheless, I’m happy with this result and feel that I can confidently sit the actual exam and have a chance of passing it.

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