Be Ruthless with your Email

Email is sacred ground. It’s where you get important notes from friends and family, as well as the businesses and organizations that you care about.

But for a lot of people it’s become a wasteland, a junkyard to be traversed, only every once in a while finding a gem here or there.

Me? I’m ruthless with my email. If any company, organization, or marketer sends me something that I don’t want to receive even once, they’re gone. Done. Unsubscribed. I don’t care how much they might have improved my life or condition. By giving over my primary email address, for any reason, I’ve given you my trust, and that doesn’t come lightly.

Once you violate that trust, even one time, you’re done. Gone.

I signed up for the other day, just so that I could get set up for publishing some articles there in the future. And less than 24 hours later, got an email with “stuff I might like”, or some such nonsense. Bam! Gone. If I want to waste my time going through “stuff I might like”, I’ll search for it myself and on my own time.

Email is sacred. It’s my own place to receive asynchronous communication when I feel like it and when I’m ready to do so. Not somewhere you can get more eyeballs on your content on a regular basis. I trusted you, and you let me down. You don’t get a second chance. I’m through with you.

I use Gmail, and they have a nice “Spam” button. It’s real nice when you’ve committed to being ruthless with your email purges.

Nowadays, my primary inbox is pretty clean. It’s only used for communications that I want in there. If I do want to collect marketing or autoresponder emails for future use, I use another “fake” email address. Not an actual fake one, but another one that I’ve set up that’s not my primary one.

My primary email is sacred. I try and treat it well, to keep it spotless, and in return I have a lot more mental clarity and less clutter when checking my email. I can visit my inbox, do what I came to do, and then leave. Less distraction, more productivity.

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