dreaming of Andalusia… Oklahoma

On or about Nov 09, 2010 at 02:30 am I awoke from one of my most crazy-go-nuts dreams ever. The part I remembered wasn’t very long, but it was pretty intense. For whatever reason it must have spooked me enough to send me quite forcefully into the realm of consciousness, because I was coherently able to type all this into a text file on my Macbook at 2:30 am.

I dreamt that I was riding through Jerusalem on a white horse looking at all the Spanish architecture. Only for some reason, it looked exactly like the city park in Laverne, Oklahoma, the town in which I grew up (and haven’t visited for 12 years… no clue).

I had just reached up and taken a mango off a live mango tree in the park (easy to reach since I was on a horse) when I was attacked by another horse!! He was a crazed SOB, he kept charging me straight on. The only thing that saved me was my own horse, since he was loyal & stuff, and he didn’t fancy us being charged by Crazy Horse. CH kept trying to push us into the cactus (no clue as to why the Jerusalem landscape was so much like the american southwest), but my Faithful Horse kept kicking back, and I think mine was more powerful. Then I rested FH on a picnic table, and jumped onto the table to try and kick CH in the face myself, but he charged and I couldn’t get any good kicks in, so I re-mounted FH and about that time is when I woke up.

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