for better or for awesome…

So, I initially started this as a personal blog about the things that interested me most:

1) technology,
b) languages,
and c) international travel.

I still love these things, but seem to have trouble coming up with good material (actually, I’ve got a lot of old stuff, but not much new). Hence the grand total of 3 blog posts in almost 2 months.

Health and fitness have surprisingly become a big part of my life now, as well vegetarian/vegan eating habits (I’ve been straight up vegan for about 2 months now), purchasing organic foods, a newly reinforced hatred for Wal-Mart and being more “green” overall. I’m basically turning into a hippie. Minus the tie-dye and herbal supplementation.

But seriously, I think becoming a vegan was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I feel great physically, never bloated or “full” like I did during my pre-vegan days. I’ve also lost about 25-30 lbs in the last 3-4 months and now have to purchase new clothes because both my shorts and pants are all falling off my waist. (A good problem to have!) Of course I’ve been hitting the gym about 4-5 times a week as well, so not all the fat loss can be attributed to the change in my diet. I say “fat loss” instead of “weight loss” because there’s a difference. But no need to get into semantics right now. Maybe in a later post. 😉

I’ve also dived into Parkour pretty hardcore lately, joining a local class and registering for a nationwide seminar in Ohio that will take place next weekend.

Basically, I’ve stated all this in order to say that, like life, the direction of this blog will probably change to feature more personal development type posts, just as I’ve changed my lifestyle quite a bit lately. And it’s not really that hard to change the direction of the blog, since it pretty much didn’t have any with which to begin.

I’ve also changed back to the default thesis design since the design up with which I had ended was pretty much crap (yes, I intentionally wrote the sentence that way in order to not end the phrase with a preposition). And I like the rotating photo box a lot more than a blank layout with no photos. And I really haven’t had the time to scour the net for CC Attribution License photos or free stock photos.

Oh, and though he probably won’t read this any time soon, I’d like to say a special “thank you” to Karol Gajda of Ridiculously Extraordinary. His writing on that blog inspired me to get off my ass and start making positive lifestyle changes, and was one of the biggest influences on my decision to become vegan. So check out his blog if you aren’t already familiar with it. I guarantee it’s worth your time (or your money back!).

Ok, bye.