How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

I hear a lot of people complaining about high ticket prices these days, especially with regard to international flights. Cheap airfare isn’t as hard to find as many think it is, if you know where to look. I can usually find a price lower than most people find by following some basic guidelines.

Basic Stuff

Go to & enter your departure/destination airports (or city/country). This site is my 1st stop when checking ticket prices and I haven’t been able to find less expensive tickets anywhere else.

Pick a date that is a Tuesday or Wednesday. It will be more expensive if it’s around Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you have to fly around Christmastime, after the New Year is better.

That’s it. Not that hard, really. You might be surprised at how low some ticket prices can be.

Advanced Techniques

Try putting in different departure airports that are close by (e.g. Los Angeles instead of Las Vegas). Also try flying to a (large) city that’s close to your destination (e.g. Brussels instead of Amsterdam). This can sometimes save hundreds of dollars. Do this with different websites as well. Research all the different options and then choose the best combination of convenience & price. Also, combine this with the next technique.

Technical Stuff (Here Be Dragons)

This one involves cookies. Not the kind you eat, the kind you delete. Clear. Whatever.

Clear your cookies periodically when using the mobissimo site. Why? Because you’ll notice after a day or so that the price for the exact same flight will start to creep up.

I believe the psychology of doing this is to get the person to purchase the ticket soon, because if they don’t the price will continue to rise.

This is what happened to me when I was researching the cheapest flight to Madrid last year. My price rose a good $50 or so (maybe more, can’t remember exactly) after about a day.

I ran a new search with the same parameters (same date of departure, one-way, economy class), found the same flight and the price displayed was still the higher price.

Then I cleared my cookies and re-ran (again… re-re-ran?) the query, and the initial low price was displayed. So yeah, they get tricksy with cookies and get more of your monies that way. I don’t think it’s just mobissimo, I’m sure all sites do it. Sorry if this last paragraph didn’t make sense, it did to me.

So… that’s it. Go save a lot of money on airline tickets.

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