Life Update and Castles in Belgium

Castle at Bouillon, Belgium
Castle at Bouillon, Belgium

I just realized that my ‘about’ page is pretty freakin’ sissy, so I’ve reverted to the old one. The image of myself on that page is pretty sissy as well, but I’ll change it as soon as I get around to it. The sissy ‘about’ page can be found at (Update, April 2015: Not anymore. Sorry.)

Also, I’m going to immigrate to Belgium and purchase a castle there. I’ve already got some semblance of a plan in place, but currently only in my head. Here in a few days when I’m finished traveling I’ll be able to focus more on the specifics and getting it laid out and such. But basically, it’s a €10M in 3 years type thing. Don’t worry, it’s do-able.

It’s really all about belief and the power of thinking big. If you believe you’ll get something, you probably will. As such, I’ve an actual, concrete plan as to how I am going to raise the 10M in Euros within 3 years. I realize that there will be some proverbial bumps in the road along the way and that it will be hard work, but I love that stuff. And I don’t sleep. Sleep is for those people who are broke.

Basically, I’ll setup several internet-based businesses (internet marketing, starting with PPC/PPV and lead gen offers). I will develop 15-20 income streams using this method and then focus on growing them. When I believe the cash flow in each of them is sufficient, I will start and grow new streams, always augmenting, fine-tuning and then scaling them up.

The first year will be the hardest and dedicated to creating the streams and of course learning the ins and outs of the business.

The next year will be mostly an intense growth sprint in preparation for year 3, which will be where 50% of the total sum comes from. Since that’s €5 million, I’ll basically need to have the machine setup already by then and have met certain daily income goals for each income stream. By the end of the second year, I should have about €14K coming in per day, which sounds like a lot, until you split in into about 20 or more sources/income streams. If I have 20 separate income sources, that’s about €700 per day. Now it doesn’t sound too difficult at all. It’s all about perspective.

Later I may add a bar chart which has the same information I just wrote in the previous paragraphs, but bar charts make things seem more well thought-out and people tend to take you more seriously.

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