Mostly Raw – Day 10

Today is the last day of Portland VegFest 2013, and Brittany is pretty excited to go to that. So we’ll go, and we’re going to try and eat raw as much as possible at home before and after, because there will be a LOT of delicious cooked food at the Fest. Feast? Feast Fest.


  • 1 Brazil nut
  • kale-banana-blueberry-raspberry smoothie
  • Irish breakfast tea w/splash of hazelnut milk
  • 2 apples, locally grown in Washington state
  • kidney bean and tortilla soup
  • small piece of chocolate bar
  • some dried raw mulberries
  • tasteless Pad Thai with 2 similarly tasteless potstickers at VegFest
  • VegFest samples
  • Lady Grey tea w/splash of almond milk and 4 ginger biscuits
  • cup of mint tea
  • piece of stone-ground chocolate
  • mixed greens salad with walnuts, vegan Parmesan cheeze and raw sauerkraut

physical activity

Push-ups to failure (1st set max today = 30), dips.

I made a little psychological headway here, probably because I was listening to some rock music that really pumps me up when working out. I feel like I can keep up my motivation if I continue the music/workout combo, so I’ll try and remember to do that.

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