Mostly Raw – Day 9

I’ll probably stop this experiment soon. The “30 days of (mostly) raw” eating thing is turning into a “one week of raw and it was driving me crazy so I have to eat some cooked food every day now” thing.

Brittany and I had a breakfast date this morning at Mint Tea in Vancouver, Washington (where I am typing this right now). The food is delicious and they have a lot of vegan options (but see update #2, below). They also have a cozy nook on the second floor, with a raised floor and pillows. You have to take off your shoes to sit there. It’s like a little slice of Morocco.

Update: I had pancakes with maple syrup in the evening. It’s a horrible thing to eat lots of carbs in the evening. I shouldn’t have done it. Definitely did not run a caloric deficit today.

Update #2, 2013-10-21: It’s exactly one month to the date of publication, and I can’t recommend Mint Tea anymore. Yesterday morning Brittany and I were served a “vegan” breakfast burrito with an egg. The scatterbrained owner who runs the restaurant got our order mixed up and served our food to another couple (as I thought she had, since we ordered our food WAY before they had even sat down… but they got served first). She admitted the mistake, but it shouldn’t have been hard not to mix them up. There were only about 4 parties dining in the entire restaurant. Really sick to our stomachs after being served that egg. (Fried eggs have a distinct pungent odor.) We didn’t eat much of it before noticing, but it was a bad experience overall. We will never eat there again.


  • 1 Brazil nut
  • Irish breakfast tea w/splash of almond milk and 2 ginger biscuits
  • vegan breakfast burrito from Mint Tea
  • 1 apple (fresh from the Vancouver Farmer’s Market)
  • 1 Asian pear
  • baby spinach salad with organic non-GMO sweet corn, raw sauerkraut, cooked winter squash, and vegan Parmesan cheeze
  • some Concord grapes with seeds
  • Lady Grey tea w/splash of hazelnut milk and 4 ginger biscuits
  • 1/2 small cantaloupe
  • pancakes w/ maple syrup

physical activity


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