Update, 2017-03-29: Wow, much has changed in a year and a half. Updates to come soon!

A list of my life projects, things I want to achieve, contribution goals, etc.

Pai-Sho – make & sell Pai-Sho sets. Pai-Sho is a game from the fictional Avatar: The Last Airbender universe (which includes Avatar: The Legend of Korra too).

Brazil, Capoeira & Portuguese – In a nutshell, go to Brazil for at least 6 months, and focus on learning Portuguese and Capoeira.

Circumnavigation – I want to sail around the world in a boat {cruiser}.

Dash HD Wallet (BIP 32, 39 compliant) (not started)

Bigger projects (Billion-person problems)

Nodes Project — Create a global decentralized incentivized wireless mesh network and manufacture and sell inexpensive, consumer-grade nodes to consumers.

I want to make an airship, like from the Final Fantasy games. Yeah, for real.