10 Ideas to improve your site’s SEO


I wrote these ideas for a local photographer that I know, who was asking on Facebook about SEO for her website. But since I think they’re pretty generic, these could apply to just about anyone with a local business. So I’ll just share them on here for everyone, and point her to this post.

SEO is basically broken into 2 things:

1. How relevant is your site’s content to the people searching for it?

You improve this by optimizing your site – content and meta information (e.g. meta tags, internal links to other pages on your site, etc.)

2. How popular is your site? (Sites with the same relevance, but more popular = higher in Google results.) This means how many “backlinks” your site has, which is other people/websites linking back to yours.

You improve this by what’s called “link building”.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a list of ideas that might help improve any site’s SE rankings.

  1. Ensure your keywords/phrases that you want to rank for are somewhere on your site. Bonus points if in your meta description and in an h1 tag on the page. Keyword phrases are what you type in to google when you want to find your site, e.g. "Northwest Arkansas Photographer", or "Portland Wedding Photography", or whatever. If you know your keywords, you can run a free report here for your site: https://juxseo.zoomshift.com/. But this report will only analyze your page content, not your ranking in the SERPs.

  2. Get lots of (legitimate) links from other sites back to your site. In the SEO industry, we call these "backlinks". The link text should be your keyword phrases mentioned in #1 above.

  3. Have profiles for your business on all social media sites and somehow integrate those with your site, or at least link back to your site.

  4. Make sure you have a responsive theme. This just means that your site is easy to read on a desktop and on a phone, iPad, tablets, etc. Google has started giving preference to sites which have responsive themes, and people viewing your site on mobile devices will appreciate it too.

  5. Make sure your site loads fast. (Google has indicated site loading speed is one of the signals that it uses to rank pages.) Large images/files can be hosted on a CDN. You can see https://moz.com/learn/seo/page-speed for more info.

  6. Make sure your business is registered w/Google business. This will help ensure you’re on the "map" that shows up in the results, and lets Google know you’re around.

  7. Add your site to Google webmaster tools.

  8. Make sure your robots.txt allows indexing (this is easy and can be done from Google webmaster tools).

  9. Create a sitemap for search engines if you don’t already have one.

  10. Are you publishing content to your site on a regular basis? If so, this would result in more frequent search engine visits.

  11. Another suggestion – submit articles to high-profile sites like medium.com & link back to your site

  12. Along the same lines, guest posting to other people’s sites (e.g. other photographers who get a lot of readers) helps, as you get a link back to your site (this is part of link building). All links back to your site are good as long as they’re genuine and not spammy.

Most SEO consultants/services will offer some suggestions like the above, they might do it for you, and they’ll probably deliver ranking and content reports as well. They’re probably just buying these white-label from moz.com, which is the de-facto authority (besides Google themselves) on SEO.

Of course, I’m probably forgetting some things, but this should cover the basics.

Ok, bye.

Photo by Steve Rotman

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