Simple Blogging Tips

Veerle's Blog at Starbucks
Veerle’s Blog at Starbucks

I decided to do an «arbitrary number»-part series on basic steps people can take to improve their basic/new blogs.

  1. Use WordPress. It really is the shit.
  2. If using blogger, migrate to I really recommend a self-hosted blog using the software from, but that’s not for everyone.

    If you’re using WordPress, you’ll get an About page, a “Hello World” post and a fake initial comment.

  3. Modify the “About” page 1st thing.
  4. The first thing people do when visiting a new blog is check out the “about” page. When I visit your blog, before reading very far, I want to know who you are. How are you qualified to write to me? (e.g. if you’re an MD writing about medical stuff, I know that you know your shit, vs. a 1st year biology major, etc…). You don’t have to have important-sounding credentials… just tell the reader a bit about who you are.

  5. Now delete the fake comment.
  6. Modify the Hello World post and the title.
  7. This will be the intro post for your blog. If you’re not ready to put up the first post, at least change the text to “this is my new blog and I will fill this out later. Oh, and if you want to know more about me then read my about page, which I have definitely filled out.”

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