What is Docker? (And good luck finding out.)

Here’s an example of how technical people still can’t explain things:

I search for “What is Docker”, and I even get to the “What is Docker?” page on the official website:


But as you can see, I still don’t get a straight answer.

This page tells me what Docker allows me to do … and what Docker containers are… (but I still need to know what Docker is first).

Hint: The correct answer will begin with “Docker is” and then give a simple, high-level statement of what Docker actually is.

Such as: Docker is a virtualization environment for Linux which allows … blah blah.

I’m not even sure if that’s correct, BTW, because the official website can’t even manage to explain to me what the hell Docker is on its “What is Docker?” page.

Oh, and yeah, they should really hire a designer to fix that site.

Update: Well, apparently the people at Amazon know how to communicate a little better than the Docker folks themselves. Here it is:


They even got the “Docker is … ” bit right. How about that.

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